Our team of underpinning and jack piling professionals offers a single-source solution. We have the experience to provide the highest quality workmanship on schedule and within budget.

Founded in 1997 as Pinnacle Industries. The company split to Pinnacle structural repair specialists and Pinnacle construction in 2018 and have grown to become one fo the leading firms in its industry. 

structural earthworks

Structural Damage

The importance of earthworks cannot be stressed enough as it is the foundation for the remainder of the structure. At Pinnacle Industries, we are experienced in the processes of Foundation Construction, Sub-Grade compaction as well as Water Reticulation.

geotechnical reports on soil behaviour

Geotechnical reports on Soil Behavior

At Pinnacle Structural Repairs we pride ourselves in having a clear understanding of a wide range of contributing factors which affect earthworks that include soil behavior, compaction and placement processes, design standards, and the practical limitations of the material to meet the challenge.

Pinnacle team piling and underpinning services

About Us

At Pinnacle Structural Repairs, we are well recognized, respected and our underpinning or piling services are of a very high standard of quality. We bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment to every job or repair we undertake.

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Pinnacle Structural Repairs Contractors in Durban

The Crack Repair Specialists of KwaZulu-Natal

Bringing the superb combination of skill, experience and knowledge to every project we undertake, Pinnacle Structural Repairs contractors in Durban has become the go-to industry leaders when a structure begins showing signs of ageing, one sign of which can include troublesome cracks.

As one of the best jack piling and underpinning contractors in Durban, we are experts in our approach. At our company, the team always tries to find the root cause of the problem. We easy handle all kinds of structural damage and our crack repairs are guaranteed to stand up to the immense task of ensuring that a structure remains in the best possible condition for years to come. We are proud to say that we have taken the initiative to design and build a mini piling rig that can get into small areas. Our technical team has over 25 years of experience in piling.

Working alongside a powerful, tremendously skilled 32 man professional team, including both geotechnical and structural engineers, we are more than capable of carefully assessing the structure and determining exactly what kind of work needs to be done, whether it is wall crack repair, jack piling, moving foundations, collapsing foundation, cracked foundations, sinking foundation correction, restoration of foundations or water under foundations. We are experts when it comes to repairing all types of problems relating to structural foundations.

Piling and Underpinning Services in KwaZulu-Natal

Underpinning is the careful and well-thought-out process of providing extra strength to an existing foundation structure, to either prevent damage from happening or halting the damage that is already taking place and harming the structural integrity of the building.

The process is considered a major repair project and one that should not be left to inexperienced companies. One small mistake can lead to a costly, not to mention dangerous, situation that will set you back. The use of the correct method, along with precise planning, is a necessity.

Problems with your foundations can have far-reaching consequences. Rather than ignoring the tell-tale wall cracks that point to foundation issues, it is best to find a solution to the issue.

When would underpinning be considered a necessity?

There are a great many factors that would point to underpinning being something that you should be having a look into. And should you have any uncertainties about whether you need this service, you can always get in touch with the team at Pinnacle Structural Repairs. Some of the examples of underpinning being needed include:

  • Soil conditions changing beneath the foundation, causing instability. This is why we work with geotechnical engineers who can establish soil conditions.
  • The individual soil characteristics were not correctly taken into consideration during the initial construction phase, leading to instability and possibly wall cracks.
  • Instances where the original foundation is either no longer suitable for holding the structure up safely, or where the original foundation is no longer strong enough.
  • Work being done on neighbouring structures can also lead to issues with foundations. Work can include repairs, excavations or construction.
  • When additional floors need to be constructed underground.

Just as there is a range of reasons why you might require underpinning, there are also several different types of underpinning to be looked at. Pinnacle Structural Repairs will advise you as to which type of structural underpinning will work best for your particular situation and then give you a rundown on what will need to be done to get your foundation back into a safer condition.

Some of the more commonly used types of underpinning for foundations include piled underpinning which is often used when the soil beneath a structure becomes unstable and thus unsuitable for bearing heavy loads. This is not the only reason for using piling. This option is also fantastic for when there is not a lot of access to a construction site or when there are various environmental concerns which relate to soil extraction or the need for limited structural movement during the process of stabilising the foundation.

The options of mass concrete underpinning, geopolymer solutions and jet grouting are also used by various companies operating in this industry.

Wall Crack Repair

One of the most commonly seen occurrences with a displaced foundation (or a sinking foundation), is structural damage, and more specifically cracked walls. Pinnacle Structural Repairs goes beyond the underpinning of all kinds of foundations and also offers wall crack repair as a part of our exceptional services. As the top structural repair specialists in Durban, we’ve perfected the art of each of the services we provide, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

Stitching and repairs to cracked walls are the simplest and most efficient way to restore structures to their former state and eradicating any instability that might have been caused by the damage.

Of the other services we have available, we can provide our clients with:

  • Hand augering
  • Groundwater and sub-soil drainage control
  • Various types of design work
  • Geotech reports

We are a highly versatile and experienced construction group and over the years we have cemented our reputation around being more than capable of delivering exactly what we have promised. Contact Pinnacle Structural Repairs contractors in Durban to find out more about what we can do for you, or to set up a consultation.

> We work in conjunction with Geotechnical and Structural Engineers.

> 32 Professional Staff.

> 25+ Experience of Stabilizing Foundations.

> Full On-Site Investigations.

> Health and Safety Coverage.

> Public liability.

>Technical expertise from Frankie piling.

> All contractors are 100% covered under risk insurance



With years of experience in underpinning and jack piling to repair cracked walls and structural damages due to sinking foundations Pinnacle Structural Repairs have built a reputation as one of the best underpinning contractors in Durban.


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wall cracks


foundation stabilization


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Elise Heath

Elise Heath

This is to express my appreciation for your kindness shown to me. You handled the work in a very professional manner and were very patient in answering all my questions that I put forward to you. The work done was excellent and I certainly won’t hesitate in recommending you and your team. The yard was also left in a tidy state.

Dinesh Ramsunder

Dinesh Ramsunder

It’s a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for PINNACLE CONSTRUCTION. We have worked with them on many of our projects. Douglas Nash has a vast knowledge of his scope of works. He is not only capable of his job but also assists in advising his clients. They are fast and efficient with their job. They are well organized and completes all jobs timeously. They, therefore, come highly recommended by our company. Regards

John M. Hamilton

John M. Hamilton

I would like to thank Pinnacle Industries for the repair work done to my property. I found your staff to be courteous and friendly. Each step in the process was explained in detail, which helped to ease the anxiety we were feeling, it is quite daunting to watch someone digging down below the house foundations. The required work was carried out with the minimum of disruption to our daily lives and the site was left clean and tidy at the end of each day, as well as being completely cleaned upon completion. Again, we thank you for the professional manner in which the project was handled. Please feel free to use the above as a reference should you require to do so.

Desree and Laurence

Desree and Laurence

This is just a short note to let you know how much Laurence, myself, and our entire family appreciate the work that you have done at our home. You have kept your word. From the first visit when you gave us the quote to the completion of the job. We were so impressed by your professionalism and empathy. I must also commend your team, each and every one of them worked diligently and gave no cause for complaint whatsoever. They were extremely hardworking and disciplined. You and your team worked very efficiently and reassured us at every step of the process. Doug, you have really exceeded our expectations and we would like to say a huge thank you. May you and your team grow from success to success.

Dave Randall

Dave Randall

Douglas Nash has been contracted to Sandown Retirement Village as a service provider for the past year. During this period, I have got to know Douglas on a professional level. He has been very honest in his business dealings with Sandown Retirement Village and his quality of work has not been faulted. It has been noted, whilst him being the owner of Pinnacle construction, his interaction with our aged community within our village is polite, well-mannered, and very professional. The quality of his work is exceptional and he goes the extra mile. He abides by all the required Labour Acts as he whilst working within the Village has at times a large contingent of employees on site. He is well respected by all his employees as he treats them with total respect. I, being in the position of the General Manager of a Retirement Village with a community of just under two hundred aged residents truly can say that I totally trust Douglas when he is working in the Village as he is a responsible and accountable person.

Des Friedrichs 5 Mvule Road Glen Anil

Des Friedrichs 5 Mvule Road Glen Anil

Dear Douglas It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Pinnacle Industries. From your timeous arrival to inspect the problem and present a quotation to the punctual arrival of yourself and the work party at the set time on 5 July, it was clear that you run a very professional company. The work party went about their business in a thorough yet relaxed manner and found the time to explain various procedures to me and from time to time continue working while an inquisitive dog hovered nearby. I was suitably impressed by the friendliness and politeness of the workers. Their work to the untrained eye was meticulous. On completion, the foreman Demaine asked me to inspect the worksite. I can truly say that there was hardly any evidence of a day's work where two deep holes had been dug in a very confined space. It goes without saying that I would recommend Pinnacle Industries to anyone. I certainly will be advocating your company to the Governing Body of the school where I work to complete a series of jobs requiring underpinning. Yours sincerely

Jeremy Reid

Jeremy Reid

We struggled from September to December last year to get quotes from vendors. Many informed us that we will not get anything before February 2016. I made the first contact with Pinnacle Industries on 11 January 2016. Today, on the 28 January 2016, I received their engineer’s certificate accepting the standard of the work that they have performed, and completed on the 22 January 2016!!!! In addition to fulfilling the project so efficiently, their staff worked very well together and left the worksite, at the end of each workday, in a “clean” and neat condition. Very impressive. Thank you. Regards

Dasegan Thambiran

Dasegan Thambiran

Hi Doug I just wanted to email you in appreciation of the job done at my home. Before offering you the job we did ask around about your workmanship and I was glad that you had followed through with their remarks. The constant updates and explanations on exactly what we're going on really put us at ease. The guys on site were knowledgeable and answered my 100 questions without being annoyed. You went the extra mile ensuring that all aspects were covered and satisfying your customer. The job was done quick and painless. Once again thanks for your technical skills. You are one of the good guys out there.



This is verification that Pinnacle Industries have duly performed under-pinning works at the KwaMuhle Museum in Durban. Their work performance and managing of the under-pinning works was conducted with diligence and their program target was met. We would certainly recommend their services for future works.



Dear Douglas We would just like to take this opportunity of thanking you and your Team for the Underpinning work that you assisted us with. Thank goodness for you because we would not have known where to start or what to do without your expertise. You can be sure that we will recommend you to the Body Corporates around us.


Pinnacle Structural Repairs can help by installing jack piles or underpinning your foundations to repair and fix your structural problems.

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Pinnacle Structural Repairs PTY Ltd. is a versatile specialist construction group that has built its reputation around solid and reliable project delivery. We stand apart for our ability for service excellence in all spheres — no matter how big, how complex, or how remote the project. At Pinnacle, we are well recognized, respected and our services are of a very high standard of quality. We bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment to every job.A company you can trust


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