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About Us

Pinnacle Structural Repairs (Pty) Ltd is a versatile construction group that has built its reputation around solid and reliable project delivery in KwaZulu-Natal.

Pinnacle industries is registered with the KwaZulu-Natal Master Builders and the National Home Builders Registration Council. So you know your structural repairs and jack piling are in safe hands.

  • We stand apart for our ability for service excellence in all spheres — no matter how big, how complex, or how remote the project.
  • At Pinnacle, we are well recognized, respected and our services are of a very high standard of quality. We bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment to every job.
  • Earthworks are a key feature of most construction projects, and when delivered successfully are largely unseen. However, poorly designed or constructed earthworks have been consistently shown to be a major cause and expense on projects often requiring complex and costly remedial measures.
  • At Pinnacle Structural Repairs we pride ourselves in having a clear understanding of a wide range of contributing factors which affect the earthworks that include soil behavior, compaction and placement processes, design standards, and the practical limitations of the material to meet the challenge.
  • The importance of earthworks cannot be stressed enough as it is the foundation for the remainder of the structure. At Pinnacle, we are experienced in the processes of Foundation Construction, Sub-Grade compaction as well as Water Reticulation.
  • Our team of professionals offers a single-source solution. We have the experience to provide the highest quality workmanship on schedule and within budget. We support our clients from project inception, to the commissioning of the fully operational facility.
  • We believe that incorporating all the above, we are able to provide and sustain very high service level and create a benchmark for our clients to base their confidence.
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